Building Peridigm

Peridigm utilizes the CMake build system. It is recommended that Makefiles be created by running cmake from the command line, as opposed to using the ccmake GUI.

Below is an example CMake configuration script for Peridigm. Note that the option -std=c++11 within the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS list is specific to compilers that support C++11 features. A compiler that is C++11 compliant (e.g., GCC 4.7.2 or later) is required for recent versions of Trilinos.

rm -f CMakeCache.txt
cmake \
-D Trilinos_DIR:PATH=/usr/local/trilinos/lib/cmake/Trilinos/ \
-D CMAKE_C_COMPILER:STRING=/usr/local/bin/mpicc \
-D CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER:STRING=/usr/local/bin/mpicxx \
-D BOOST_ROOT=/usr/local/boost/ \
-D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING="-O2 -Wall -std=c++11 -pedantic -Wno-long-long -ftrapv -Wno-deprecated" \
<path to Peridigm source directory>

Once Peridigm has been successfully configured, it can be compiled as follows:

make -j 4

The Peridigm test suite is run as follows:

make test