NetCDF is required by the Trilinos SEACAS package. Prior to compiling NetCDF, it is recommended that you modify the file netcdf.h to better support large-scale Peridigm simulations, as described below. NetCDF should be configured with the --disable-netcdf-4 and --disable-dap options.

Due to an apparent glitch in the NetCDF installer, in some cases it may be necessary to manually copy the file netcdf_par.h from its directory in the source distribution into the installation include subdirectory.

An example build process for NetCDF:

# Set environment variables for MPI compilers
export CC=mpicc
export CXX=mpicxx
export FC=mpif90
export F77=mpif77

# Modify the following #define statements in the netcdf.h file.  Change the values to match what is given below.
#define NC_MAX_DIMS 65536                                                                                                    
#define NC_MAX_ATTRS 8192                                                                                      
#define NC_MAX_VARS 524288                                                                                                    
#define NC_MAX_NAME 256                                                                                                      
#define NC_MAX_VAR_DIMS 8   

# Configure NetCDF
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/netcdf --disable-netcdf-4 --disable-dap

# Make, test, and install NetCDF
make -j 8
make check
make install